We would request all members to read the following 8-page document A Quick Guide To The CONGU Handicapping System for Players 2019.

It is the players responsibility to monitor their handicap status, this can be achieved using Howdidido (either via the SGC Members Hub or SGC Mobile Phone App, or Howdidido Website) which provides up to-date analysis of all qualifying rounds

For all other related matters concerning handicapping visit 

Below is a condensed guide highlighting the relevant Parts of the UHS to read, to view the comprehensive 123 page rules document click here CONGU UHS 2019 Update

Requires all affiliated golf Clubs in the GB & I use the CONGU Unified Handicapping System (UHS) latest version.
The aim of the handicapping system is in assisting Club members to have handicaps (handicap) that truly reflects their playing ability.
The UHS is based on the following premise:
every player will endeavour to make the best score he can at each hole in every qualifying round he plays and will report such round for handicap purposes.
every golf Club or handicapping authority will, when ever possible run stroke play competitions as qualifying competitions, calculate a Competition Scratch Score and make all handicap adjustments strictly in accordance with the system and,
every player will return a sufficient number of qualifying scores to provide reasonable evidence of their ability.
For further information on UHS refer to CONGU Rules all Parts.

Rights and Responsibilities for the Club and player.
The Club must remain compliant at all times with the CONGU UHS.
The player needs to achieve an active handicap by submitting a minimum of 3 qualifying scorecards in a calendar year.
A new member (player) with no handicap, to get your first handicap you will need to complete 54 holes of golf (this may be any combination of 18- and 9-holes*) with your card marked by someone who understands the Rules of Golf.
* You cannot play any 9-holes; you must play the specified holes. 9-hole scores are added together chronologically to create an 18-hole score.
Only an active handicap (c) status enables players to enter external CONGU competitions. A player with in-active handicap may enter club competitions but are not eligible to win a prize (sweep).
It is the players responsibility to monitor their handicap status, this can be achieved using Master Scoreboard (My Golf) which provides up to-date analysis of all qualifying rounds.
If a handicap becomes inactive the player can enter 3 Supplementary Scorecards to regain their competition (c) status. (The most common reason for losing an active handicap is not submitting 3 qualifying scorecards in a calendar year.)
IMPORTANT. Any player who fails to carry out any of the responsibilities imposed by the UHS is not entitled to a CONGU handicap.
For further information on rights and responsibilities refer to CONGU Rules Part Two.

Playing supplementary rounds.
The primary purpose is to allow members who do not return sufficient scores in the period between annual reviews to maintain a handicap that reasonably reflects their current ability.
A player is limited to a number of supplementary rounds each year (at any affiliated club which the player is a member) determined by their handicap category:
If you are a Category 2 – 6 golfer, you may enter as many Supplementary Scores as you wish – there is now no limit on the number of score that may be submitted
If you are a category 1 player you may only complete 3 Supplementary Scores in a year between October and December just to retain your handicap. However, if you have lost your (c)status (by not completing sufficient scores in the previous year) you may submit as many Supplementary Scores as is needed for you to regain the ‘(c) status (i.e. a maximum of three).
The handicap categories are as follows:
Category 1, – plus to 5.4 handicap
Category 2, – 5.5 to12.4
Category 3, – 12.5 to 20.4
Category 4, – 20.5 to 28.4
Category 5, – 28.5 to 36.4
Category 6, – 36.5 to 54
The Club procedure.
All Supplementary Scores must have played under qualifying competition conditions, the Pro-Shop will be able to confirm this and advise which tees you should play off.
The player must sign-in in the Pro-Shop or foyer prior to commencing their round using the Touch Screen Terminal. There is no charge for submitting a supplementary card.
The scorecard must identify the players name, date, handicap and a score against each hole and signed by both player and marker. For identification purposes, the marker must also print their name on the scorecard. Non-return scorecards (marked NR) must also be signed and returned.
Upon completion of the round,the player shall enter their score in the Touch Screen Terminal in the foyer and put the signed card in the box attached to the terminal stand in the foyer.
For further information on supplementary rounds refer to CONGU Rules Part Four – 21.

Handicap reviews
The aim of the handicapping system is in assisting Club members to have handicaps that truly reflects their playing ability.
It is the responsibility of the Club’s Handicap Committee to complete the reviews as necessary.
Annual Review (AR) is completed over the winter period from 1 October at a time convenient to the Handicap Committee.
General Play Adjustments (GPA) used in exceptional circumstances where a player’s handicap does not truly reflect their playing ability.
Exceptional Scoring Reductions (ESR) for players who are improving rapidly.
Continuous Handicap Review (CHR) carried out quarterly between AR’s. For players who are under preforming, a computer-generated report which flags 7 consecutive (0.1) handicap increases. The Handicap Committee are recommended to review the performance of such a player giving due consideration to applying a handicap increase.
Guidelines for AR / GPA refer to CONGU – Appendix M
On completion of a review individual members will be officially notified by the Handicap Committee.
For further information on the annual review procedure refer CONGU Rules Part Four – 23.

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