Procedures and Conditions of Competitions for all Members
1) All competitions must be played in accordance with the R & A Rules of Golf and Sherborne Golf Club local rules in force at the time of the competition.
2) Members are not eligible to win any qualifying competition unless they have a CONGU Competition Handicap, but may enter a qualifying competition to complete a card towards regaining a Competition Handicap. (Always check competition entry posters).
A Competition Handicap is achieved by submitting 3 qualifying scores (either qualifying competitions or supplementary cards*) in the previous calendar year or 3 qualifying scores in the current calendar year prior to the closing date for relevant competition.
*see Handicap notice board or club website for details on submitting supplementary cards.
3) No member may enter a club competition after the published closing date.
4) Entry fees for competitions are usually paid in the Professional Shop: see each competition notice which will show full conditions of entry and payment.
5) Failure by any entrant to appear who has been allocated a tee time for a Competition will result in the forfeiture of any entry fees and may result in the player being excluded from future competitions, at the discretion of the relevant competition organizing Committee.
6) All competitors must report to the Professionals Shop prior to commencement of play and sign in using the Competition Entry System. Failure to sign in prior to commencement of play will result in the player having neither a score for the competition nor a score for handicap purposes.
7) Providing there is no course ban in place, buggies and trolleys may be used in any club competition (unless prohibited by the Competition Rules).
If a trolley and/or buggy ban are in force at the start of the competition then the ban will remain in force throughout the competition for that day.
Caddies may be used at any time, unless prohibited by the Competition Rules.
Conditions for Entry and Playing Monthly Medal & Stableford Competitions
Medal and stableford are stroke play competitions; they are scheduled to take place throughout the year.
Competition play for Men will normally be in 3s, Ladies in 2s.
8) Men’s Competitions Handicap divisions: Div. 1 – up to 13 Handicap:
Div. 2 – 14-28 Handicaps: Div.3 – 29-54 Handicaps.
Note Senior’s may have different divisions in their competitions (check posters)
9) Ladies England Golf Medal and Stableford.
At least two Competitions will be held monthly.
SILVER division up to 20 Handicap: Lower BRONZE division 21-28 Handicap:
Higher BRONZE division 29-36 Handicap: COPPER division 37-54Handcap.
10) Eligibility of entry to play in monthly medal and stableford is dependent upon category of membership
10a) Winning of any trophy will be dependent on rules & handicap restrictions of competition: (see notices).
11) Competition booking for Men will generally be available 14 days prior to the date of the competition via the Touch Screen Terminal in the Pro Shop or 13 days prior to the competition via the SGC Members Hub (SGC Website, Mobile Phone App), notifying details of the date; time; format and entry fee.
Ladies book on-line from 3 weeks prior to competition using  SGC Members Hub (SGC Website, Mobile Phone App). Competitors must enter their name alongside the tee time they wish to book. Unless otherwise stated, entry to the competition outside booked tee times is permitted. The midweek stableford competitions for men, seniors and ladies weekend competitions have no booked tee time.
11b) Entry fees for sweeps and two spots MUST BE PAID AND RECORDED via the competition entry system in the pro shop; prior to commencing play.
Failure to record an entry will result in the disqualification from the main sweep and or two spot sweeps.
11c) Medal, stableford and knockout competitions must always start from the 1st tee (unless otherwise stated on start sheet).
11d) In accordance with Rule 3 of the Rules of Golf, players shall ensure that their correct handicap is marked on the scorecard, ensure that their gross scores are correctly marked for each hole and the card is signed by both the player and marker. In addition, the Committee requests that the player also marks their name, the competition name and date on the scorecard.
Score cards must be correctly completed and returned with the scores entered in to the computer terminal in the clubhouse foyer; the card to be deposited in the competition box.
Failure to enter scores in the computer may result in the player being excluded from future competitions.
11e) Results of competitions and two spot sweeps will be posted on the notice boards, with details of the prize fund.
Condition of entry for Qualifying & Knockout Competitions
12) In order to enter knockout competitions and win prizes in qualifying competitions, members must fulfill the following requirements:
a) Have a Competition Handicap on the day of the qualifying competition and at the closing date of entry for knockout competitions
b) All entries must be fully paid up members of Sherborne Golf Club.
c) 5 day members may enter weekend competitions, if a green fee is paid.
Flexi members may play in all competitions, if a green fee is paid.
13 The following instances WILL NOT count as a qualifying round:-
a) Cancellation of a competition by the Committee.
b) Any competition where a qualifying course is not available for play in accordance with CONGU rules.
14 Entry fees MUST BE PAID by the due date. A failure to pay the fee by the due date will result in NO ENTRY.
15 Once the draw has been made and published, any alterations to the draw sheet can only be made by a member of the Competition Committee.
16 Knockout Competitions
a) It is the responsibility of BOTH players/pairs to arrange a mutually convenient date for the match. Both players/pairs are responsible for offering their opponents at least 3 dates.
b) If one or other of the players/pairs has difficulty in arranging a mutually agreed date, the competition organiser must be contacted. If both parties have not contacted the organizer and the play by date has passed, BOTH / ALL PLAYERS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.
c) There will be no extensions to published dates/times, however the Section Competition Committee reserve the right to extend the published dates/times for the competition as a whole if extenuating circumstance arise
d) If you know that you cannot play in the subsequent round, you must, through courtesy concede the match. In the case of a semifinal or final, the Competition Committee will consider exceptional circumstances that affect the published play by dates.
17) In case of a tie the following procedure will apply:
a) In the event of a tie for first place in any STROKE PLAY scratch Competition; those tied will play a further three extra holes stroke play (14th, 15th & 18th) thereafter – sudden death down 14th, 15th, and 18th Hole’s until a result.
b) In any other competition for first, second and third place; will be decided by a count back on the last 18 holes, then the last 9, 6, 3, 2 and 1 holes, in that order. If a tie still exists, count back will be as above, over the first 9 holes
c) In a match play competition, any match that is all square on completion of the final hole, will continue on a sudden death basis starting at the 1st, 2nd, 3rd until a result is achieved.
18) A dispute regarding any competition to be made in writing to the appropriate Section Committee.

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