Health & Safety
To ensure you safely enjoy our facilities please be aware of the following: Course Closure due to Inclement Weather, Fire Safety Precautions, First Aid Summary information shown below

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Course Closure due to Inclement Weather

Inclement weather could include, but not be limited to fog or thunder and lighting.

In the case of fog, if you cannot see the bunker on the right of the 12th fairway when standing on the 12th tee, or when standing on the first tee you must be able to see the fir trees right of the fairway adjacent to the 150-yard marker, then the course will be closed.

In the case of thunder and lightening, if thunder is heard and lightning strikes are visible then the course will be closed.

Golfers will hear a single loud blast from the klaxon from the 1st tee, 5th tee, 12th tee & 14th tee.

Golfers will be informed when it is safe to resume play by an authorised member of staff and/or two loud blasts from the klaxon from the 1st tee, 5th tee, 12th tee & 14th tees.

Authorised Personnel/ Member of Staff
The Head Greenkeeper & his/her staff, Pro-Shop Staff and members of the Management Committee

Fire Safety Precautions

A test of the fire alarm system will take place once a week, carried out by a member of staff. This test may take place on differing days of the week. The sound of the alarm in the club house is a bell. In the Pro Shop it is a wailing sound.

The tannoy system will also be used to inform members, guests and staff that a test will be taking place.

On all other occasions when the fire alarm sounds you should evacuate the building by the nearest exit, do not stop to collect any personal items but go directly to the assembly point located at the car park and await further instructions from a member of staff.
If you discover a fire - Operate the nearest fire alarm call point. If the fire is small and you are confident in the use of fire extinguishers, fight the fire with the extinguishers provided, keeping your exit route behind you. Otherwise call 999 give them the following location information.

If you have a guest that has a disability and would need assistance in an evacuation, you must make the Office Manager aware before the visit.

You may be asked to evacuate the premises as part of a staff training exercise. The club would expect everyone to cooperate if they are asked.

First Aid

There is a defibrillator in the Proshop.

Call 999, and ask for the ambulance service and give them the following location information SHERBORNE GOLF CLUB, POSTCODE DT9 4RN

Assess patient:
D Danger to you or patient?
R Response “can you hear me?” and shake gently.
S Shout
A Open Airway by lifting chin and extending neck. Clear airway if needed.
B Check for Breathing. Feel breath on your cheek and watch for chest movements.
C Any movement of limbs etc to confirm Circulation. Do not feel for pulses.
Call for help if needed, now or earlier.
Give 30 chest compressions.
Give 2 breaths then 30 compressions and repeat 2:30 till help arrives.
Put patient in recovery position if required.